CCC (Course on Computer Concept)

UNIT - 1

Getting Started with HTML

Introduction to HTML

Basic Structure of HTML




Attributes in HTML

UNIT - 2

Basic Text Formatting Tags

Headings in HTML

Paragraphs in HTML

Bold Italic and Underline in HTML

Superscript and Subscript in HTML

Big and Small Test in HTML

Font face size and color in HTML

Line Break and Horizontal Line in HTML

Preformatted Text in HTML

Deleted or Overline Text in HTML

Emphasized marked and inserted Text in HTML

HTML Entity

UNIT - 3

Images in HTML

Insert Image in HTML

Relative and Absolute Path

UNIT - 4

Links in HTML

Creating Links in HTML

External Linking in HTML

Internal Linking in HTML

Image Linking in HTML

Image Map Linking

UNIT - 5

List in HTML

Using List

Ordered List

Unordered List

Data List

Nested List

UNIT - 6

Table in HTML

UNIT - 7

Form in HTML

UNIT - 8

Frame and Frameset in HTML

UNIT - 9

iFrame in HTML

UNIT - 10

Multimedia in HTML