CCC (Course on Computer Concept)

UNIT - 1

Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming System

Principle of OOps





Benefits of OOPS

UNIT - 2

Introduction to JAVA


Features of JAVA

Types of Programs

Compilation Process

Byte Code

Java Virtual Machine

Java Development Kit

APIs (Library Support)

Structure of a Java Program

UNIT - 3

Value and Types

Character Set




Constants and Literals


Punctuators and Separators

Data Types


Variable Scope



UNIT - 4

Operators in JAVA

Arithmetic Operators

Increment and Decrement Operators

Relational Operators

Logical Operators

Bitwise Operators

Assignment Operators

Ternary (Conditional) Operators


Statement in JAVA

Math Class

Data Type Conversion

UNIT - 5

Conditional Control Structure

Decision Control Structure

If Control Structure

If else Control Structure

Nested if else statement

Else if Ladder Statement

Switch case Statement

UNIT - 6

Looping Control Structure

For Loop Structure

variations in for Loop

While Loop

do While loop

Nested for Loop

Labels and branching Statements

Break and Continue Statement

UNIT - 7


Need of Methods

Advantages of Methods

Types of Methods

Method Definition

Creating objects

Execution of Method

Calling Method through Objects

Parameters and Arguments

Return Statement

Using Variables in a Function

Calling Parameterized Method

Categories of Functions

Argument to Methods

Pure and Impure Methods

Function Overloading

Using Static Functions

UNIT - 8

Class As a User Defined Data Type

Defining Class

Defining Methods

Accessing Variables and Functions using objects

Controlling Access to Members of Class

This Keyword

Wrapper Classes

UNIT - 9


Need for Constructors

Types of Constructors

Constructor Overloading

Copy Constructor

UNIT - 10

Using Library Classes


Advantages of Packages

Types of Package

Creating Package

import Statement

Input and Output

IO Stream

Categories of Stream

IO Classes

Exception Handling

Scanner Class and Functions

Token Checking Functions

UNIT - 11


Definition of Array

Declaration of Array

Allocating memory to array

Dimensions of an array

One Dimension Array

Memory representation of one dimension Array

Initializing Array element during declaration

Accessing Array elements using for Loop

Runtime error while using arrays

Array as an Argument

Searching Elements in an array

Sorting an Array

UNIT - 12


Creating String Objects

Creating String Explicitly

Functions of the String Class

Initializing the StringBuffer Class

Comparison between string and StringBuffer

UNIT - 13

Encapsulation and Inheritance

Access Specifiers

Scope and Visibility of variables

Instance and Argument Variables

Local Variables

Lifetime of a variable