C language

UNIT - 1

Introduction to C Language


Character set in C

Variables and Identifiers

Constant in C

Operators in C

Arithmetic Operators in C

Increment and Decrement Operators in C

Relational Operators in C

Logical Operators in C

Assignment Operators in C

Conditional Operator in C

Precedence and Associativity of Operators

UNIT - 2

Conditional Statements and Loops

Conditionals (if-else, Nested if and else if)

Conditionals (Switch)

for and while Loops

do-while Loop

Loop Control Statements − break and continue

UNIT - 3


Definition of Array

Declaration of Array

Accessing Array Elements

Initializing an Array

Introduction to Multidimensional Arrays

Introduction to Two-Dimensional (2D) Arrays

UNIT - 4


Introduction to Functions in C

Function Declaration in C

Function Definition in C

Call By Value & Call By Reference in C

UNIT - 5

Storage Classes

Scope of Variables - Local vs Global

Variable Modifiers − Auto & Extern

Variable Modifiers − Register

UNIT - 6

Structures and Unions

Introduction to Structures in C

Declaring Structure Variables

Initializing & Accessing the Structure Members

Declaring an Array of Structure

Introduction to Unions in C

UNIT - 7


Introduction to Pointers in C

Declaring & Initializing Pointers in C

Value of Operator in Pointers

Pointer Assignment

UNIT - 8

Self Referential Structures and Linked Lists

UNIT - 9

File Processing