CCC (Course on Computer Concept)

UNIT - 1

Introduction to C Language


Character set in C

Variables and Identifiers

Constant in C

Operators in C

Arithmetic Operators in C

Increment and Decrement Operators in C

Relational Operators in C

Logical Operators in C

Assignment Operators in C

Conditional Operator in C

Precedence and Associativity of Operators

UNIT - 2

Conditional Statements

Introduction to Conditional Statement

If Statement

if else statement

Nested if Else Statement

Else if Ladder Statement

Switch Case Statement

UNIT - 3

Looping Statements

Introduction to Loops

For Loop

While Loop

do while Loop

Nested loops

UNIT - 4

Jumping Statement

Introduction to Jumping Statement

Break Statement

Continue Statement

goto Statement

Return Statement

UNIT - 5


Basic of Array

One Dimensional Array

Searching in Array

Sorting in Array

Two dimensional arrays

String in C

String Library Functions

UNIT - 6


Function Definition

Function Declaration

Type of Function

Call By Value

Call By Reference


UNIT - 7

Structure and Union

Basics of Structures

Arrays of Structures

Nested Structures

Pointers to Structures

Passing Structure to Function


UNIT - 8


Basics of Pointers

Passing Reference to Function

Passing Array to function

Dynamic Memory Allocation

UNIT - 9

File Processing

Introduction to File Handling

Opening and Closing Files

Input Output Operations on Files

Predefined Streams

Random Access to Files